jual Handytone HT503 - 1 FXS 1 FXO harga terhemat


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    jual Handytone HT503 - 1 FXS 1 FXO harga terhemat

    Post by toekangmodem03 on 01/08/12, 02:32 pm

    anda hanya membutuhkan 1 port fxo saja namun kesulitan mendapatkan ny dengan harga yg hemat kini tersedia hanya di toekangmodem
    klik bos
    - 1 FXS telephone port (RJ11), 1 FXO PSTN line port (RJ11) with power-outage life line support
    - Up to 2 SIP account profiles, SIP over TCP/TLS, SRTP
    - Dual 10/100 Mbps network ports (RJ45) with integrated high performance NAT router
    - Status LED for power, telephone, PSTN line, network, and message waiting indication
    - Advanced telephony features
    - Comprehensive voice codecs
    - Secure and automated provisioning using HTTP/HTTPS/Telnet/TFTP
    - Symmetric and asymmetric voice codec/RTP in any call sessions
    - T.38 Fax
    - SIP over TCP/TLS
    - IP connectivity for any phone and fax
    - Hop-on/Hop-off calling
    - Web management for easy configuration and installation
    - Offers traditional and advanced telephony features
    - Portable and compact for use at home or on the road

    dengan harga yg terjangkau anda sudah bisa mendapatkan 1 port fxo dan 1 port fxs

    segera dapatkan di toekangmodem.com
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