Tell Anything about Ur Self in English....


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    Tell Anything about Ur Self in English....

    Post by CS on 08/06/09, 02:52 pm

    Guys, lets start to practice our English here...
    Just tell us anything about u and your life...
    Don’t be shy, every body still learning here...
    No one will laugh at u if u did some mistake, or even though if there are any, then they are the stupid ones. Grammar is the only last thing you should worry about when you are talking, and this is not an examination or a test...
    No problem, no one perfect... If American can't speak and write great English, no one push us to do it so!

    Ok, start from me...

    Well, I’m an ordinary girl, who has a brother and a sister...
    I’m studying in a communication school at fourth semester.
    I like reading, sleeping, watching movies, and playing piano, but i don't sing...
    I read any kind of books, but I often read novels, Harry Potter is my favorite...
    I love classic and jazz, and I watch almost any kind of movies...

    I hate sport, and love eating...
    So, I think u can imagine how do I look... heheh....

    I’m almost 20th right now, and I still single, but I enjoy my every single time...
    I love to make friends and build networking with every body...
    So, I’m really happy to join this forum, and to know all of u... Smile Smile Smile


    I'm not really good in English too... nohope
    So, please correct me if I did something wrong above... malu

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    Re: Tell Anything about Ur Self in English....

    Post by emotion9 on 08/06/09, 04:18 pm

    Im a simple guy,introvert,a melancholic person...
    often feeling lonely but trying to be optimistic...
    trying to stay cool with stay on earth (low profile n welcome to everybody it means grin )

    right now im studying in binus university,major system information,fourth semester too (just like CS and major member grin )

    oh yeah im taking the computer programming in beginner mode, n i have an idea,too...I want to make "something" ,thats how i create these forum.. Smile

    im sorry if Out Of Topic grin


    Oh yeah i forget.....

    Congratulations for sis CS
    because right now..SHE'S BECOME THE MODERATOR TOO......
    so the Moderators of these forum are :
    grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

    Proudly Presents

    top top top top top top top top top


    top top top top top top top top top
    grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

    cheers for all
    beer beer beer
    lucifer hiruma

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    Re: Tell Anything about Ur Self in English....

    Post by lucifer hiruma on 12/06/09, 02:23 am

    i am just ordinary girl too,,nothing special about me.
    i am selfish and loner. my friends always said that i am weird. no body can know what i'm thinking about......
    i'm also lazy too,, i don't like complicated things.
    i am now studying in system information at second semester.
    i like eating, sleeping, playing game, reading comics, and watching TV.
    i dislike mathematics and i hate a thing called snake.
    i have many dream,, i want to be a game programmer or be a animator. and now i'm study hard to reach my dream, please pray for me........Smile

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    Re: Tell Anything about Ur Self in English....

    Post by LS on 10/07/09, 08:53 pm

    just an ordinary girl, working hard and not making lots of social life like what my friends always do.. my life have been totally different since i came to aussie.. a new way of living, new environment, new friends, new job and skills.. everything..!!! well, so far, i enjoy them..

    About my life?
    nothing special, going to work mostly from 9am-6pm five days a week so far... then checking facebook seeing if anyone pop up a comment.. such a boring life.. going out with my bf whenever i got a day off.. OMG.. typing that all my activities here make me feel bad.. what a boring story i am sharing right now...

    what people says about me?
    never ever stop talking.. and i think, i am.. face to face or by mobile, i'm going to keep talking for up to 2 hours non stop.. talking about my colleagues, my family, my work, friends, my worry, my happiness... everything that come up to my mind and everything that i wanna share.. well, just a public topics, not the secret of anyone...
    i'm so sensitive too.. worrying a lot sometimes.. just lying in my bed, thinking a lot of stuff, and make myself crying at the end.. nohope

    my fav??
    singer: Jay chou, i currently went to his concert in sydney, and that was great and awesome... never been that happy and exicited for long long time... hope that i could go to his concert again and if i'm lucky enough, get his autograph and take a photo with him...!! malu

    food: fried, stir fry vege, cakes, pastries, sushi, nasi padang(haven't eat it for almost two years... mizz nasi padang...!!!), etc

    drinks: easy way taro milk tea, coffees(chai latte, latte, flat white), Hot chocolate, lipton ice tea, etc

    dream: just to have a good family in the future, good job and have an ordinary life... peace mode on

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    Re: Tell Anything about Ur Self in English....

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